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Journal Publications

K.H.B. Leung, N. Yousefi, T. C. Y. Chan, A. Bayoumi. Constrained Optimization for Decision Making in Healthcare using Python: A Tutorial, Medical Decision Making, 2023, forthcoming


T. C. Y. Chan, M. Eberg, K. Forster, C. Holloway, L. Ieraci, Y. Shalaby, N. Yousefi. An Inverse Optimization Approach to Measuring Clinical Pathway Concordance, Management Science,

Vol. 68(3), pp. 1882-1903, 2022. 10.1287/mnsc.2021.4100

    - Note: Authors are listed alphabetically.


T. C. Y. Chan, K. Forster, S. Habbous, C. Holloway, L. Ieraci, Y. Shalaby, N. Yousefi. Inverse Optimization on Hierarchical Networks: An Application to Breast Cancer Clinical Pathways

Health Care Management Science, 2022. 10.1007/s10729-022-09599-z

    - Note: Authors are listed alphabetically.

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