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Instructor, Smith School of Business, Queen's University
Managerial Statistics (COMM 162), 2023



Instructor, University of Toronto
Introduction to Quality Control, 2021 

Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto
Linear Programming and Network Flows (graduate level), 2020-2021
Markov Decision Processes (graduate level), 2020
Introduction to Quality Control, 2019-2020
Operations Research III: Advanced OR, 2019

Probability and Statistics with Engineering Applications, 2018-2021


Teaching Assistant, Koç University
Production Planning and Control, 2017
Stochastic Models and Applications (graduate level), 2016-2017
Advanced Models in Supply Chain Management (graduate level), 2016

Operations Management, 2016
Applied Statistics, 2014-2015
Stochastic Models, 2014

Probability and Statistical Methods for Engineers, 2013

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