Instructor, Smith School of Business, Queen's University
COMM 162: Managerial Statistics, 2023



Instructor, University of Toronto
Introduction to Quality Control, 2021 

Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto
Linear Programming and Network Flows (graduate level), 2020-2021
Markov Decision Processes (graduate level), 2020
Introduction to Quality Control, 2019-2020
Operations Research III: Advanced OR, 2019

Probability and Statistics with Engineering Applications, 2018-2021


Teaching Assistant, Koç University
Production Planning and Control, 2017
Stochastic Models and Applications (graduate level), 2016-2017
Advanced Models in Supply Chain Management (graduate level), 2016

Operations Management, 2016
Applied Statistics, 2014-2015
Stochastic Models, 2014

Probability and Statistical Methods for Engineers, 2013